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Ready & Able Program

Putting Abilities to Work

About Ready & Able

Ready & Able is a collaborative employment services program designed to bring together adults with disabilities and the business community to support employment matches.  Every individual has gifts, talents and interests that should afford them access to meaningful employment that is both competitive and integrated.  Our program offers a customized approach in helping adults with disabilities explore their employment goals via a person-centered approach. As part of this service, we assist clients with job development preparation, job search, job coaching and retention supports that promote that our clients are Ready & Able to experience meaningful employment. 

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True Heart is committed to serving adults with disabilities in finding meaningful employment that adds value to their lives. Our employment services program works in partnership with clients to assist them in finding competitive and integrated employment via a customized process that includes: 

Job Development Preparation. Our job development process works with each client to explore and discover their skills, interests and experiences to begin establishing vocational interest(s). This step will also work with the individual to ensure they have a quality resume, cover and a job search plan in place. 

Job Development Search. With a focus on the vocational interest(s) of each client, we engage prospective employers that may be a desirable employment match. This step is truly about making a match to ensure that not only is the employer a good match for our client, but that the client is a good match for the employer - we believe this leads to long-term employment. 

Job Matching. Based on the vocational interests of our clients and employment opportunities that meet our clients needs, we facilitate the job matching process. In addition to considering the tasks associated with the employment opportunity, we also work with our client and the employer to assess the environmental conditions including the organizational culture.   

Job Coaching. Once a client is matched with an employment opportunity, we will assist them with job coaching. Our job coaches work with the client to get acclimated to their new job and the environment and work to identify strategies that will facilitate the fading process.  

To learn more about our program and refer an adult with a disability for services, please complete the referral form by clicking below.  



Comprehensive employment services matching the skills and experiences of adults with disabilities with competitive and integrated employment!

Meaningful Employment

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