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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) 

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PRP Services

Serving Minors & Adults

Our PRP service is designed to support the psychological well-being and community integration of minors and adults referred to our program. We focus on helping individuals we serve develop skills and access resources that increase their capacity to develop, enhance and/or retain stability with their mental health, social competencies, personal adjustment, and/or independent living competencies.  The philosophical foundation in delivering our PRP service is a belief that everyone has a special gift, interest or purpose in life that can be identified and encouraged to support their emotional well-being.

Introduction to our PRP

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To be referred to True Heart's PRP, adults and minors must meet the following requirements to be considered:

1. Have a mental health diagnosis

2. Actively engaged in therapy with a licensed mental health professional

3. Receiving Medicaid funding

These are the minimal requirements to be considered for PRP services. However, the information provided on the PRP referral form by the referring agency or licensed mental health professional will ultimately determine eligibility. To access the PRP Referral Form, please click on the button below.  

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GPS Model of Service

Our GPS model facilitates our service to minors (ages 5-17) and adults (18 and over) in supporting them in achieving their rehabilitation goals. We believe that each individual we serve has gifts and talents that can either be discovered or nurtured to aid them in living their best lives with emotional and spiritual peace. To identify and support these gifts and talents, we identify and integrate the appropriate mix of the following supports:


  1. Gift Finders (exploring gifts, interests and talents)

  2. Employment Services 

  3. Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship

  4. Educational Support

  5. Mentoring & Inspirational Support

  6. Life-Skills

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