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Foster Family Recruitment

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Foster Family
Recruitment & Retention

Recruiting Families for Children & Adults

As a consultant to public and private foster care agencies responsible for licensing foster and adoptive families, True Heart offers a comprehensive foster family recruitment and retention model to support agencies in their efforts to recruit and retain families committed to supporting children in the U.S. foster care system and adults enrolled in adult services programs. 

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The RECRUIT model supports foster care agencies and adult services programs in their family recruitment efforts by answering questions that include, but not limited to:

1. How do we target our marketing and outreach efforts to identify       

families who match the characteristics of prospective foster families? 

2.  How do we ensure that our response system provides timely responses by engaging families through multi-media channels with information, insight and encouragement that allows families to self-assess their capacity to foster.   

3.  After referring families to begin the licensing process, how do we stay engaged to offer support that minimizes qualified families from discontinuing the approval process?   

4.  What metrics should we have in place that will facilitate access to data that will inform future decision making, while also understanding the experience of families that have previously inquired about fostering?    ​

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Responsive Engagement and Comprehensive Recruitment Using Integrated Technology

The RECRUIT model was developed with insight on effective and efficient recruiting practices to offer agencies strategies that address barriers to the process of engaging prospective foster families and keeping them connected to the approval process. 


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